With the mas­sive change in the life style, hair fall is becom­ing the com­mon­est prob­lem of all in men and women. Thanks to the advance­ment in the med­ical stud­ies, there are now ample options avail­able to restore the hair. Hair restora­tion and hair trans­plant are two dif­fer­ent treat­ments, but they both restore the con­fi­dence back that you are los­ing due to falling hair. Renew hair clin­ic offers dif­fer­ent option for hair trans­plant in Cardiff.

Renew hair clin­ic has been offer­ing dif­fer­ent type of hair restora­tion treat­ment like PRP hair restora­tion, FUE hair trans­plant and FUT hair trans­plant. How­ev­er, all the tech­niques give amaz­ing results, but due to many advan­tages of FUE, there is an incli­na­tion and pref­er­ence for this treat­ment. Fast recov­ery with min­i­mal scar­ring can be called as the one of the biggest advan­tage of this type of treat­ment. It being one day treat­ment, the patient can be dis­charged for the clin­ic on the same day which elim­i­nates the need of overnight stay in the clin­ic.

This type of trans­plant can be opt­ed for dif­fer­ent areas like scalp, face and chest as well. For more infor­ma­tion about it, you may call in the clin­ic at 01926 422 454. The treat­ment is per­formed under the effect of local anaes­the­sia. With the incor­po­ra­tion of the sap­phire blades in the treat­ment, the chance of any sort of scar­ring has been reduced to min­i­mal. Once the hair grows back to nor­mal, the scar can be cov­ered up.

Fol­lic­u­lar hair extrac­tion is indeed a sur­gi­cal process, but with the usage of sap­phire blades, spe­cialised doc­tors try to make it scar­less. The whole process is done under the effect of local anaes­the­sia that elim­i­nates the pain com­plete­ly. It is true that once the anaes­the­sia is gone, there is dis­com­fort and patient is put on med­ica­tion for quick recov­ery.

In most the cas­es the treat­ment is com­plet­ed in one day, but in exten­sive num­ber of grafts to be plant­ed, there may require more than one ses­sion which can be sched­uled as per patient’s con­ve­nience. The results of the treat­ment are per­ma­nent and absolute­ly nat­ur­al, because your hair starts to regrow.
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