Today’s soci­ety focus­es too much on good looks, thus mak­ing us strive each day to reach the ide­al beau­ty. How­ev­er, some­times we have to look beyond make-up and beau­ty treat­ments, when it comes to issues such as bald­ness, hair thin­ning, reced­ing hair­lines and so on. Alope­cia and oth­er hair loss con­di­tions are promi­nent cos­met­ic issues that leave us low on self-esteem and in some cas­es want­i­ng to iso­late our­selves from social activ­i­ties. Hair loss is trig­gered by var­i­ous issues includ­ing genet­ics, med­ical issues, a stress­ful lifestyle, poor diet, etc. If you are both­ered by any hair loss issue,feel free to con­tact our Renew Hair Clin­ic and prof­it from our expert care and suc­cess­ful hair restora­tion treat­ments in Der­by.

High­ly expe­ri­enced hair restora­tion spe­cial­ists who come from var­i­ous fields such as plas­tic surgery or der­ma­tol­ogy com­prise our med­ical staff. Our pro­fes­sion­als offer you expert con­sul­ta­tions, find­ing the exact cause of your hair loss issues and cre­at­ing per­son­al­ized hair restora­tion treat­ment plans for peo­ple liv­ing in Der­by, which will sure­ly help you go back to being con­fi­dent and eager to engage in an active lifestyle.

Our Renew Hair Clin­ic is spe­cial­is­ing in mul­ti­ple types of hair restora­tion treat­ments in Der­by. Our most effec­tive pro­ce­dure how­ev­er, is the FUE sur­gi­cal hair trans­plant, also known as Fol­lic­u­lar Unit Extrac­tion. This type of hair trans­plant in der­by is safe, cost-effec­tive and has per­ma­nent results that are unde­tectable. We give so much impor­tance to this sur­gi­cal hair trans­plan­ta­tion pro­ce­dure because it is what our patients gen­er­al­ly decide upon and has 100% guar­an­teed client sat­is­fac­tion.

The Fol­lic­u­lar Unit Extrac­tion in Der­by is used for var­i­ous types of hair loss con­di­tions and hair loss affect­ed areas such as the head, the face and chest. It is safe and prac­ti­cal­ly pain­less, due to the use of a light anaes­thet­ic or oral seda­tive to ensure that no dis­com­fort is felt dur­ing the trans­plan­ta­tion process. The pro­ce­dure itself implies the extrac­tion of healthy hair strands from a donor area (usu­al­ly the back of the head), and their implan­ta­tion in the areas that have suf­fered from hair loss, hair thin­ning or bald patch­es. The FUE sur­gi­cal­hair trans­plant in Der­by involves min­i­mal risks, caus­es min­i­mal to no scar­ring, due to the use of needle­point instru­ments, which cause min­i­mal trau­ma to the scalp and allow for a com­plete and fast recov­ery.

The tiny inci­sions will heal in approx. 5 to 7 days, when red­ness and slight scalp swelling will have sub­sided as well. The new fol­li­cles will shed in a few weeks, but the healthy hair bulbs will imme­di­ate­ly start pro­duc­ing new strands, so in about three months’ time after the FUE sur­gi­cal hair trans­plant pro­ce­dure has been per­formed, you will be able to see how new hair begins to grow. In about 6 months, you will enjoy notice­able growth and in max­i­mum one year, you will not have to wor­ry about bald patch­es ever again.

Unlike oth­er hair restora­tion pro­ce­dures, the Fol­lic­u­lar Unit Extrac­tion sur­gi­cal hair trans­plant tech­nique may require more time to per­form, 1–2 ses­sions, depend­ing on the size of the areas that need to be cov­ered. More­over, the FUE hair trans­plant treat­ment in Der­by is some­what more expen­sive than oth­er hair restora­tion treat­ments, but as men­tioned above, the results are per­ma­nent and unde­tectable, and they will look nat­ur­al, with a dense pack­ing, as the trans­plant­ed hair fol­li­cles are implant­ed in the same growth direc­tion as your nat­ur­al hair. You can leave the Renew Hair Clin­ic imme­di­ate­ly after the FUE sur­gi­cal hair trans­plant is per­formed, allow­ing you to return to your dai­ly life in no time.

If you wish to get rid of bald spots, or stop hair loss, you­can con­tact our Renew Hair Clin­ic, sched­ule an appoint­ment with one of our high­ly trained spe­cial­ists, and ben­e­fit the best care and the most effec­tive hair restora­tion pro­ce­dures in der­by.


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