Disadvantages of the Follicular Unit Extraction HT procedure

Hair loss becomes an increas­ing­ly both­er­some cos­met­ic issue nowa­days, affect­ing not only your appear­ance but also your self-con­fi­dence. And because thick hair is a sym­bol of beau­ty for many, both men and women, Renew Hair Clin­ic comes to your aid with a high­ly effec­tive hair restora­tion treat­ment which ensures supe­ri­or cos­met­ic results, name­ly the FUE or Fol­lic­u­lar Unit Extrac­tion sur­gi­cal hair trans­plant.

And despite the fact that the FUE hair trans­plant does bring numer­ous ben­e­fits to our Renew Hair Clin­ic clients, we also want you to be con­scious of some min­i­mal dis­ad­van­tages of this sur­gi­cal pro­ce­dure, which, keep in mind, are not always present and do not affect every patient.

A decreased total yield and high­er tran­sec­tion rates can occur, due to the indi­vid­ual extrac­tion of every hair fol­li­cle, as the angle and direc­tion of the unit beneath the skin can­not be seen.

Less viable, thin­ner grafts may also occur with the FUE as the fol­lic­u­lar units are extract­ed with less insu­lat­ing tis­sue around the base, and are thus more vul­ner­a­ble to poten­tial dam­age.

The issue of reduced patient can­di­da­cy is not com­plete­ly a dis­ad­van­tage, but main­ly refers to patients with extreme­ly curly hair, which is dif­fi­cult to extract and women with long hair, as the FUE hair trans­plant main­ly requires shav­ing of the donor area.

Anoth­er dis­ad­van­tage of the Fol­lic­u­lar Unit Extrac­tion sur­gi­cal hair trans­plant is that the pro­ce­dure may require 2–3 ses­sions or more, depend­ing on the size of the areas affect­ed by hair loss. For exam­ple, an FUE pro­ce­dure requir­ing the har­vest­ing of 2000 grafts may take 2 to 3 days to be com­plet­ed which may cause cer­tain incon­ve­niences to some patients.

Costs of the FUE hair trans­plant pro­ce­dure are also a bit high­er than the FUT strip har­vest­ing as it implies more work for the prac­ti­tion­ers who extract each graft indi­vid­u­al­ly.

Despite these dis­ad­van­tages, the FUE hair trans­plant pro­ce­dure still offers advan­tages that will suit you on the long term, the main being the fact that it leaves no vis­i­ble scar­ring as com­pared to oth­er types of such sur­gi­cal hair restora­tion pro­ce­dures. And as tech­nol­o­gy advances, dai­ly improve­ments are made to cope with these down­sides of the FUE hair trans­plant pro­ce­dure, so be sure that here at Renew Hair Clin­ic will do every­thing pos­si­ble to bring them to a min­i­mum so you can yet again enjoy a beau­ti­ful, thick hair, with min­i­mal risks and incon­ve­niences.


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