FUE procedure for chest hair transplant

Chest hair gen­er­al­ly devel­ops dur­ing and after puber­ty along with oth­er types of andro­genic hair. Genet­ics are typ­i­cal­ly to blame for the lack of chest hair or bald patch­es on the chest, but some men in today’s soci­ety con­sid­er that women desire men with chest hair. This lack of chest hair may leave men feel­ing unat­trac­tive, unap­peal­ing and self-con­scious in sex­u­al sit­u­a­tions.

For these menas well as those who want to cov­er up scars or marks, there is hope to achieve a full chest of hair, name­ly through chest hair trans­plant. The FUE sur­gi­cal­hair trans­plant pro­ce­dure is espe­cial­ly designed to pro­mote hair growth on the chest if there is none or to thick­en the exist­ing one. For either sit­u­a­tion you can con­sult our Spe­cial­ist Doc­tor at the Renew Hair Clin­ic.

The sur­gi­cal hair trans­plant pro­ce­dure known as FUE or Fol­lic­u­lar Unit Extrac­tion is rel­a­tive­ly pain­less and with­out dis­com­fort due to the use of a light anaes­thet­ic; it is fast because it is done on an out-patient basis and has excel­lent cos­met­ic results. The chest hair trans­plant can last from 2 to 8 hours, depend­ing on the size of the area you want to cov­er and also on the den­si­ty you desire. Also, the FUE chest hair trans­plant can be per­formed in one or two ses­sions, depend­ing on the cos­met­ic result you want to achieve and in order to max­i­mize the ben­e­fits. The down­time peri­od is reduced, as patients can resume their rou­tine the sec­ond day after the trans­plant took place.

The chal­lenge of the sur­gi­cal FUE hair trans­plant for chest hair restora­tion pro­ce­dure con­sists in design­ing the hair dis­tri­b­u­tion over the chest area. Hair trans­plan­ta­tion to the chest can be done using scalp hair mixed with pubic or under­arm hair. If the hair is trans­plant­ed from the scalp then you should keep in mind that it will require con­stant main­te­nance due to the fact that it will grow to the length of the head hair.

The FUE sur­gi­cal hair trans­plant for chest hair restora­tion is a min­i­mal­ly inva­sive pro­ce­dure and if it is per­formed care­ful­ly and cor­rect­ly, there will be no scar­ring. After the pro­ce­dure there is a chance for some of the hairs to fall out but, this is nat­ur­al and is not an issue to be wor­ried about. In 3 to 9 months the per­ma­nent result will be vis­i­ble, name­ly a full chest of hair.

The Renew Hair Clin­ic rec­om­mends that you do a lit­tle research before decid­ing upon this chest hair restora­tion pro­ce­dure. We also have arti­cles dis­cussing the Fol­lic­u­lar Unit Extrac­tion pro­ce­dure for head hair, facial hair and so on. The chest hair trans­plant pro­ce­dure is not so com­mon but this does not mean that it is unsuc­cess­ful or that it has bad results. Our high­ly expe­ri­enced med­ical staff lead by our Renew Hair Clin­ic Doc­tor Spe­cial­ist will make sure that every­thing goes accord­ing to plan and that you achieve the desired and the pre­vi­ous­ly dis­cussed cos­met­ic results.


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