Follicular Unit Extract — Main benefits of FUE treatments

Hair loss, hair thin­ning or bald­ness can also be called alope­cia and there are many peo­ple who have to face this kind of prob­lem. Hair is one of our best fea­tures and it’s a pity that it can get to a point where we need the help of pro­fes­sion­als. If you need to under­go a hair restora­tion cos­met­ic pro­ce­dure, then you are about to find out the ben­e­fits of the Fol­lic­u­lar Unit Extrac­tion hair trans­plant or FUE, cos­met­ic pro­ce­dure per­formed at Renew Hair Clin­ic by high­ly trained prac­ti­tion­ers.

At Renew Hair Clin­ic we have such pro­fes­sion­als with years of expe­ri­ence behind them, who have per­formed hair trans­plant cos­met­ic pro­ce­dures so many times, with excep­tion­al results. There are lots of advan­tages and ben­e­fits if you choose this hair restora­tion cos­met­ic pro­ce­dure, but first you need to find out how it works.

Dur­ing the Fol­lic­u­lar Unit Extrac­tion hair trans­plant at Renew Hair Clin­ic, which is safe and less inva­sive than most hair restora­tion tech­niques, indi­vid­ual fol­lic­u­lar units are har­vest­ed from the back por­tion of the patient’s head that is also called the donor area and trans­plant­ed to the areas of the scalp that suf­fer from alope­cia, par­tial or total hair loss. The hair spe­cial­ists at our Renew Hair Clin­ic attend you with great care and work pre­cise­ly on the right areas of you scalp, in order to avoid scar­ring.

One first ben­e­fit of Fol­lic­u­lar Unit Extrac­tion hair trans­plant is the fact that it is fast and the trans­plant­ed strands of hair assure you nat­u­ral­ly-look­ing hair that will make you for­get you ever had hair loss prob­lems.

Sec­ond­ly, because of the pro­ce­dure used dur­ing the Fol­lic­u­lar Unit Extrac­tion hair trans­plant, the fact that the strands of hair are being placed on the areas of your scalp that are affect­ed by alope­cia, ensures you great results, bet­ter than the ones offered by oth­er hair restora­tion tech­niques that were con­sid­ered the best a long time ago.

It was men­tioned before that Fol­lic­u­lar Unit Extrac­tion is less inva­sive than oth­er sur­gi­cal hair trans­plant cos­met­ic pro­ce­dures and the way the high­ly trained prac­ti­tion­ers work with great atten­tion guar­an­tee you a short­er heal­ing process than oth­er cos­met­ic pro­ce­dures do, so you can go back to liv­ing your life nor­mal­ly as soon as pos­si­ble.

As it is a fast sur­gi­cal hair trans­plant cos­met­ic pro­ce­dure, the Fol­lic­u­lar Unit Extrac­tion at Renew Hair Clin­ic, besides the lat­ter ben­e­fit men­tioned, is also pain­less. A lit­tle dis­com­fort and a bit of irri­ta­tion can’t be avoid­ed of course, but the dam­age, if it can be called that way, is min­i­mal and eas­i­ly treat­ed with pain med­i­cine.

Depend­ing on the way the fol­lic­u­lar units are extract­ed, if not care­ful­ly, the patient might expe­ri­ence severe scar­ring dur­ing a sur­gi­cal hair trans­plant. For­tu­nate­ly, this is not the case with the Fol­lic­u­lar Unit Extrac­tion because the hair spe­cial­ists at our Renew Hair Clin­ic are work­ing sole­ly on the affect­ed area, high­ly atten­tive­ly so they won’t cause dis­com­fort. Min­i­mal scar­ring could occur in the best of cas­es, but this hair restora­tion tech­nique doesn’t imply any major inci­sion so any scars will heal in short time.

To con­clude, it is impor­tant to men­tion the fact that FUE sur­gi­cal hair trans­plant is indeed a safe hair restora­tion cos­met­ic pro­ce­dure, but if it’s not per­formed care­ful­ly and with the prop­er med­ical equip­ment there is a risk of major scar­ring and dis­com­fort. That is why we warm­ly rec­om­mend you our Renew Hair Clin­ic if you hap­pen to notice any sign of hair loss, hair thin­ning or bald­ness and our high­ly trained prac­ti­tion­ers will attend you with care, assur­ing you excel­lent cos­met­ic results with per­ma­nent effects.


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